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Are you making a profit?  Yes, no, maybe or don't know.  It's very unfortunate but true, 74% of all salons today are not profitable.  We can help you here.  Do you know how much each station should be making?  Are you charging enough?  Are you overspending on retail, backbar or supplies?  How about advertising? 

Let us give you some very helpful tips on proper spending, inventory management, backbar management, how to read a Profit & Loss statement and most importantly, saving for the future.

This area shows you how to properly set and maintain a budget.  This form should be done monthly to keep you on track financially.

Do you know how much each station should be grossing weekly to earn a profit.  Follow these easy to manage directions to find out!

Let us take the confusion out of figuring out how much to pay your staff.  This is a link to a basic Salary and Commission structure that we recommend for all salons.

Here is a basic format for paying Retail Sales Commission.  This format provides you with an easy way to show your staff how easy it is to give themselves a raise!

This form shows how to set retail sales goals for your staff.  Attached printable worksheet to assist you in setting those goals.

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